If you’re experiencing anxiety, pain, anger, or feeling depressed you KNOW you have to learn what to do with it or it will makeyou sick.

You can’t just sit and meditate. You have to process the feelings and the after effects through your body – metabolize them.

Yoga and Ayurveda teach you how to metabolize thoughts and all the sensations coming in through your sensory organs.

You can even learn to metabolize and process the emotions that come up.

If you’re unhappy, angry, or depressed (especially if you haven’t been happy in some time) you know that you need to do something differently.  But you might not be sure exactly what you need to do differently than what you’re doing right now.

You might not even feel very connected to those emotions and just feel like they’re out of your control.

When you’re feeling unhappy or depressed, your energy feels very low, and it requires energy to control your emotions.

The good news is that you CAN actually learn to access your vital energy using pranayama practices, body movement, and vocal sounds.  This changes the frequency of your vibration and helps you see something new in your mind. When you can see a different vision, THAT’s when you can create a new reality for yourself and your family.

I’ll tell you what happened to me and my experience with this.  Even though I was a yoga teacher at the time, I carried with me a lot of those lower vibration emotions that I didn’t acknowledge or process.  I told myself I was fine or that I had so much to be happy about, and even that I was selfish or self centered to be unhappy.  My husband and I lived a lifestyle that was very high stress. We both had jobs with a lot of responsibility.  I was teaching at the university PLUS I was working with senior adults.  

I actually loved the work I was doing, but I didn’t love all the boardroom drama or the competition for resources.

In fact not learning how to acknowledge and handle the drama and competition actually made me very sick.  I was so sick and in so much pain that I was nearly completely unable to work.  As an athletic person, I was used to a certain amount of pain or discomfort in my body from working out or pushing it to do something.  But this was so much different.  My joints ached.  It felt like my connective tissue was disintegrating.

For me – and for Bruce – we decided to completely change how we were living and we moved out here to the wilderness to be closer to nature and back in touch with our own true peaceful nature.  I stopped working at the university and created online programs and private intensives so that I could teach my very special clients and students who wanted to continue to learn from me.

I got reconnected to my true purpose, my dharma.  I spent a lot of time outside in nature, every single day.  I would go for months without seeing other people besides my husband.  And sometimes he travelled.  So it would be just me.  I was going deep into my own spiritual work.

I was remembering all of the stories and secrets that my Mother and my Grandmother told me. The tales of the past. These were stories where they mixed the truth of history with the mysticism of the ancestral belief systems.  These were the stories of my people. 

These stories, myths, legends that I remembered were connecting me to memories of my innate abilities. Memories of my deepest desires.  Memories of my soul’s longing.  

And this was the beginning of my deepest healing. I was remembering who I really was meant to be, what I have come here on earth to do, and actually HOW I am meant to do this work in the world.  When I was first learning from my Grandmother and my Mother, I resisted a little. But my Mother said she wasn’t worried.  She said I would remember.

And she was right.

In order for me to really begin the healing process, I put all of my worldly goods into storage and lived very simply in the wilderness – close to nature.  It’s not really wilderness, but it’s not exactly civilized, either.

But this isn’t what you have to do to get reconnected to your highest self.  Sometimes you do need a day in the country.  A personal retreat with a private intensive will go a long way to help you heal your own spirit.

And then you can learn how to use breath, movement, meditation, and sound to direct and develop control of your vital energy.

These are skills that go far beyond what you’ll learn in a typical yoga class. 

But a yoga class is a good start. 

Once you experience the world within your own mind and body, and you notice how there’s a sort of dialogue happening between the two things, you can start to take part in the dialogue and even play a vital role in that communication.

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