Your Soul has unlimited potential. And that means your LIFE has unlimited potential.

When you think about this, how does it make you feel?  Like you have a big responsibility?  Like maybe you should be doing more?  Or does it leave you feeling lost?

Do you ever feel frustrated because you would do so much more if you had more control of your surroundings, people, or your job? Or maybe you would be more successful if you had had better parents or if you had been encouraged more as a child.  If you feel this way, you likely have energy blocks.

There are some people who believe that we actually choose the parents who we are born to, and while I do believe that myself, I don’t have any direct memory of before I was born, or making the choice of the parents I had. 

Still, I do believe that we are all born into our earthly family to learn some specific things about living in the world right here and now.  Our specific circumstances that we face, the challenges and obstacles as well as the benefits and privileges, propel us down the road of finding our life’s purpose and help us see the way to help other people.

Nearly everything in your first five years of life was chosen for you.

You didn’t get to choose your name.

You didn’t get to choose your beliefs.

You didn’t really even get to consciously create your life (until now) – it just happened to you.

The beliefs you formed along the way became who you think you are. 

Who do you think you are?  That’s a loaded question.  But who you think you are and who you actually are are two separate things. 

Your “ego” is who you think you are.   Your ego isn’t bad or good, and even though people might talk about demolishing the ego, in ayurvedic psychology, it is just part of the quest for identity.

The ego even exists in insects and rocks.  It’s a cosmic principle.

So, as we try and set goals for our lives in all the areas of living, we usually do this from an ego perspective – basing every desired outcome on who we THINK we are (ego) rather than who we really are (infinite soul).

As long as you’re caught up in the ego, you won’t be able to control your mind. Your intelligence will remain external and your inner consciousness will remain in turmoil.

Yoga and ayurveda provide a way for you to have an awakening of your inner self and a better sense of your soul.  This is important because if you’re reading this, your Soul is calling for more.  You’re reading this because you have a longing for something in your life to be different – better, bigger, stronger, faster – more meaningful.  Greater.

Before anything really great can happen to you in life – you have to decide that you are worthy of it.

Before you can ask for and earn more money, attract better, more respectful people around you, or tap into your intuitive gifts – you have to decide at the very core of your belief system that you deserve it.

And most people just don’t believe that they’re worthy – because our Ego is rooted in the past – when the world (our parents, caregivers, teachers, strangers) told us who we were.  And we believed them.  When you live with those beliefs for a long time, it forms a kind of emotional prison that gives us some frustratingly familiar loops.  Rejection. Worry. Anxiety. Pain. Co-dependence. Fear of lack.

The really great news is this: you ARE in control of many things in your life. If you don’t like your current ideas of yourself (ego), you can replace them.  It’s not the easiest thing to do.

Reinventing yourself is extraordinary and most people don’t even try.  This makes YOU extraordinary.  Like Madonna.  She’s reinventing herself all the time.  Why can she do that and not YOU?

This eight week journey is not an intellectual endeavor.  It requires focus, concentration, and a commitment to doing the work.  Reinventing yourself is all about declaring your new purpose (dharma) and opening the new, gentle pathways through life.

Showing up is the first step.  When you discover what your chakras control and how they affect your real life, you’ll see how you can create a new version of yourself and just what is actually possible. 

But you have to be ready. You have to be ready to throw your old ideas of yourself into the fire.  You have to be prepared to let go of some of your beliefs of yourself.

What do you stand for?

What do you want?

How do you want to live?

How do you want to feel?

How do you want to live? (I know I asked you that already – but it’s an important and deep question. So think about it.)

No one is getting younger. 

Now is the time for you to commit to living in an authentic way.

What do you want to wear?  Are you holding back?  Do you wear clothes that make you fit in with everyone else?

How do you want to wear your hair?  Is it the color you want it to be?  I used to dye my hair a darker color because, even though I was grey in my 20’s, I didn’t want to be a bleached blonde.  Isn’t that silly? Are you wearing your hair how you want to wear it or how someone else thinks it should be?

What if you had the same level of confidence and certainty as the egomaniacs and super confident people out there, but with more grace and charm and without the maniac part?

What if you had feelings of AWESOME Self worth with consistency?

The beliefs you have about yourself control everything in your life. 

We’re going to journey through all the chakras, activate each one, and balance them so that the reality YOU create is the one you have dreamed of.

Would you like to create your identity on your terms?

Or do you want to just let the program that’s running in the background just continue to run your life?

If you look at famous stars you’ll see they have created alter egos so that before they go  out on stage, they’re channeling their inner superstar.  Some of them even have names for their alter ego.

Tony Robbins, Lady Gaga, Beyonce’, M&M, Slim Shady, – and more than you even know about – they all have created alter egos so that they can win from within.

Think about the  challenges you have in your life right now. It might feel like they’re external, but they all start inside. Your reality starts inside.  The story and identity that you’re living from starts here in your mind. 

Reimagine who you might be if you were starting over.

What if you gave yourself permission to have a bigger story?

I’m going through this process right now, too.  It’s not the easiest thing.  But it’s harder to allow my creativity and my soul feel dull inside.  I’ll continue to share with you my own progress and my own journey as I continue to reach higher and to elevate my own experience. 

I’m rooting fear and shame out of my system.  I will not be intimidated.

And you don’t have to be, either.  You might not even know who you are inside and what you’re meant to be doing.  Maybe you are a superhero, a mystic, a shaman, or a teacher, or maybe you really want to have the confidence to do something completely out of character. 

What if you believed in this and anchored it deeply into your subconscious mind.

You have free will.  When you decide to act on it, the universe, God, all of nature will support you.  Your ego is a strong component of your personality and your life experience, but you can create a different ego. 

Your ego is simply a construction.  You made it up.

I’m altering my destiny and my ego and YOU can, too.

You have to give yourself full permission.

What if you and I walked backstage into the wardrobe room and chose a new costume for you, what would you be wearing?   Brighter colors? Fitted clothing? Cuter shoes?

If you’ve had a desire in your heart, but you’re waiting for the perfect time, the right amount of money, and to have things in your life be in PERFECT condition, that’s a sign that your energy is blocked.  You’ve got gifts and talents and energy centers that are strong and can support you as you make these changes.

Aren’t you craving authenticity?  Let’s get real.  I’ve been CRAVING authenticity.  I’ve been slowly allowing my REAL, genuine, open-hearted mystical, self to guide me.  If you’ve been longing for authenticity and REALness, then you’ll want to know more about the process of opening the energy channels and allowing the intelligent life force that gives you vitality, confidence, and joy to flow freely.

Here’s the process:

  1. Disruption.  We have to destroy the beliefs that no longer serve us. In order to do that, you’ll have to do a few things that might make you uncomfortable.  Sometimes it will require talking to strangers or, if you’re wanting to be a pop star, you’ll be singing on street corners.  At any rate, if you want to tap into your greatness and be a better version of you, you’re going to have to do things differently.  You’re going to do some things that scare you. There will be some action steps and affirmations.
  1. Write the new script.  You’ll get clarity on your alter ego. You might decide on a new name for your alter ego.  Maybe you’ll decide on a spiritual name. Maybe a superhero name. You’ll get affirmations to burn neuron paths into your brain. You can write out your new beliefs: I am worthy, I am creating XYZ, I am … you’ll write down what you do and visualize it.
  1. Declare the truth. Burn the bridges so there’s no turning back. This is where the most growth happens. You’re going to make a public declaration to at least a close friend or family member.  You don’t have to declare it on FB or whatever.  But when you tell someone that you trust that you’re going to do a thing, you’ve created and built in support and accountability.
  1. Build a system to support the truth of your new life.  This system is your habits. This is how you wear your hair, the clothes you choose, the way you speak.  The power of the group will help you here. You’ll want to track your progress and anchor in your authentic self.

A select few will come on this 8 week journey. It starts on the 12th of August. We will meet weekly, live. You’ll have a private community to talk about whatever’s coming up.  You’ll have weekly action steps.  I’ll be following up with you every step of the way.

If you are ready to change your destiny, this course is for you.  To request more information about this course send me a quick email and tell me why you’re interested in it and what you hope to change in your life. 

This isn’t for everyone.  If you like following the crowd, it’s not for you.  But if you’re longing for more… it just may be the very thing that makes your heart sing.

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