The cosmic dance is the divine play of energy.

In all of nature you find masculine and feminine. Siva and Shakti. Yin and Yang. The sun and the moon. The father and the mother. Shadow and light.

And within each human being, you also find masculine and feminine.

It is the masterful blend of each that allows you to give and to receive. To be able to have clear boundaries and stand up for what’s right and good, and to be able to soften and allow nature’s flow.

It’s a beautiful thing to have steadiness and security while at the same time you are creating change.

To be able to plan your actions and allow spontaneous motion.

Trouble comes when you see the masculine or the feminine as one being superior to the other.

Sickness in the body can come when the flow of either masculine or feminine energy is disrupted.

Healing, in a complete way, with repaired energy flow can only really occur using the principles of energy and consciousness.

Your chakra system, your internal energy organization system, needs to be balanced.

Think about the challenges you have in your life right now. It might feel like these problems are external, but all problems begin inside of you.

Your reality starts inside. The story and identity that you’re living from starts right there in your mind.

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone who was looking for help with a serious and painful medical condition.

This person wanted an herbal mixture or natural supplement that she could take so that it would mask the pain and other problems she had so that she could continue to destroy herself for at least a little while longer.

That’s not how natural medicine works.

That’s not how I work.  I’m sure there are plenty of mainstream physicians that would prescribe meds to manage her symptoms, but for some reason she felt better about the idea of a natural based prescription.

She’s not alone with that.

Americans, maybe all modern people living in the west, have a tendency to look for the secret sauce. The surgery, the prescription, the quick fix – let me lay here while you fix me.

And there are natural practitioners who sometimes fall into this trap of mixing up a quick fix to help their clients feel better immediately … but if you do that, how are you different than the allopathic over-prescribers?

I’m an advocate for natural herbal supplementation. I will even offer them here on this website soon.  But I don’t advocate that you just take a pill for and forget about changing.

Life changes.

Thought changes.

Ego changes.

Energy changes.

The chakra healing course begins soon.  If you’re ready to change, but you’re not sure how or what to change, this course will show you the way.

Email me at so I can tell you more about it.

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