When you want to be happier, healthier, have better relationships, more money, a better body – whatever it is you want, the stages of thought you go through are always the same.  This is what I see people do:

1. First you determine that you want to change. You’re tired of not fitting into your clothing or catching a glimpse of yourself in he mirror.  Or you’re tired of people hurting your feelings and walking around with open wounds that people seem to like picking open wider.

You’re actually sick of working in a job with a soul sucking boss who has no idea what you’re really capable of.

So you KNOW you want something to be different.

1a. You can’t get to the next stage of thinking until you go through this one:  you must believe it’s possible for you AND that you’re worth the time, effort, and resources.

2. You can’t change anyone else. So you realize that YOU are the only thing you actually have control of and that means YOU have to change.

3. So, if you’re like most people, you read some books and maybe even take a course to learn about what you need to do differently to get what you want.

4.  Most people stop at number 3.  They might take a course that they don’t finish.  Or they read a book and intellectualize it.  If you’re exceptional, and you STILL believe you can change, you’ll begin applying the concepts and methods.  You might create a mantra that helps you focus.  You might even have a peer group working toward similar goals.

And here’s where even some of the most exceptional women get discouraged… You might see some improvement, you’ll see something change.  But then it changes back and you get discouraged

You start to think that whatever it is you wanted really isn’t possible for you after all.

So you actually might think you’re broken in a special kind of way.

🛑 stop!  It just isn’t true.

When that kind of thinking sets in, it leads to nowhere fast.

You ARE special. But not like that.

What separates those who succeed at the things you’re not succeeding at is that successful people know that they’re worth the effort it takes to get private mentoring and coaching.

If you want something at a higher level than what you’re used to having, it’s not enough to just read a book or take a class.  It’s not enough to have intellectual knowledge of the subject.  You have to learn to integrate it.

Ask any professional athlete, right?   Basketball players don’t just visualize themselves making the goals and running and dribbling the ball down the court – they practice specific skills.

And not only does an athlete have their team (peer group) and the coach, they have athletic trainers who work with them privately. Some of them even have different trainers for different skills.  You might be thinking, well, of course, they’re elite athletes so of course they can afford it.

I’ll tell you, the ones who become great got private mentoring BEFORE they could afford it.

Coaching and private mentoring isn’t just for athletes, though.

Anything that you want to get seriously good at is going to require that you get education and training, that you practice, and that you get private coaching for feedback and course correction.

Including managing your energy, your mood, your weight, and your diet.  You see, all of these things affect every area of your life and if you’re struggling ANYWHERE, we have to look EVERYWHERE to see where you’re leaking or blocking energy.

Whether it’s healing from your autoimmune condition, losing weight, repairing your relationships and setting boundaries, or whatever it is, I hope that you take your own life goals seriously.

I mean, this is it, folks. It’s showtime.  If you’ve been waiting for something to happen, for someone to rescue you or for spontaneous healing – you need to wake up and start the process yourself, right now.

Some people believe in reincarnation and maybe that’s what they’re waiting for.  Maybe you get more lives after this one and maybe you don’t, but all I know for sure is that you have this time right here and right now.

It’s NOT a dress rehearsal. It’s time to start living like you WANT to be here. It’s time to realize that you deserve to be happy, healthy, and free.

Isn’t it time for you to hire a coach to learn what you need to do and how to do it?  Send an email to idasnaturalhealth@gmail.com to schedule a complimentary consultation.  We’ll have a quick chat and see whether it’s time for you to take a course, read a book, or hire a coach. 

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