If you want to be peaceful and easeful – and that means having a calm mind, a healthy body, and a feeling of connection to your spirit – if you want that and you’re a highly sensitive person who craves authenticity, then you MUST learn to protect and direct your energy.

The sacred rituals of Ayurvedic self care, dhinacharya, help you learn to do that.

This involves several things – I went over some of them on September’s free call, but not only must you make time for yourself to do those specific things, you must ALSO choose to not be so attached to living in the collective unconscious.

Some people call it the collective consciousness, but if you’re watching current events you can see people acting unconsciously because something in the subconscious is being triggered.

Rise above it and plug into the cosmic consciousness.

This is Christ Consciousness, the realm of the Holy Spirit. The Cosmic Plane.

As an empath and highly sensitive person, you are gifted with an exquisite sensitivity for the pain and suffering of others.

If your consciousness STAYS on the level of pain, you suffer.  Your body hurts, you have anxiety, you can’t sleep, and you feel exhausted, maybe even depressed.

But grounding your energy into the earth and then raising it back up – all the way up and way out of the collective – this is what allows you to be IN the present moment and in the world without being a product OF the world. The energy needs to be able to flow up and down, away and through. In all directions.

Your physical body and the world around you is constantly giving you information. You may not realize it, or you may mistake the message for something else. So you suppress it, creating a mental block, ignore it creating an emotional block, or maybe take an aspirin creating a physical block.

But I invite you to pay closer attention to it.

I have created a 3-part recording that I’m offering you at no charge so that you can begin to heal in a real and permanent way and so that you’ll have the tools you need to take care of yourself in a way that supports YOU.

Do you need support protecting your energy?

I’m not going to wave a magic wand and make all your discomfort go away and I don’t work with very young, immature girls who want something given to them without investment in time or energy. 

I work with the “show me what it takes and how to do it” kind of woman.

I would really love to show you how it’s done.

You know why I do this work?  I KNOW what it’s like to give everything to everyone else and have nothing left for myself.  I KNOW what it’s like to be anxious and exhausted.

I also know what TAKES to come out the other side and be stronger and wiser instead of tired and resentful. And angry. 

I know what’s it’s like to wake up rested instead of exhausted.

And I want you to know that it’s possible for you, too. 

You’re an extraordinary woman with a lot to do. 

And you have hopes and dreams and you’re probably married to a powerful man with a highly stressful, important position and you have been his emotional support as he climbed the ladder to success.  He’s the king of your Home and you’re the Queen.

Because of that, it’s really important to learn how to protect your own energy systems.  I have worked with hundreds of women for over 30 years.  I can teach you how to care for yourself like a Queen.

If you are an empath, a healer, or a woman who does too much, please know that this is a really amazing time to be alive right now.  I’m super excited about this evolution of human consciousness and all of us having a role in this.

This is not easy work, this is hard work for us to do.  I honor you.  Have a gorgeous, amazing week.

Email me at idasnaturalhealth@gmail.com and we’ll set up your strategy call.

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