There was a time not so long ago, when every human being was involved in getting food.

Eating food was a sacred act and it meant that life could continue.

You either farmed, cooked, hunted, pulled weeds, washed, peeled, chopped, or did something involved with food. And by the time it got to the table, you had a deep appreciation for it.

Food allows life to continue. And we who eat it must then transform the food from particles of molecules of food into particles of us.

That’s a kind of alchemy.

It used to be a conscious act.

And now it’s become mindless.

If you change this ONE thing about the way you eat, (become more conscious), it can change your life.

You don’t have to grow your own vegetables or have a farm.

You have to become more conscious.

I’m trained, formally educated with an advanced degree, and certified as an exercise physiologist and nutritionist.  I’ve helps thousands of women lose weight by

While that’s not my only “thing” I am known for (I’m also a reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher and pastoral medical counselor who is a medical intuitive) these are not the only things I do – and exercise is what I want to talk about today, just for a minute.

I’m here to tell you that exercise is NOT the key to your weight loss success.

Exercise is important for a healthy body and mind – strength, flexibility, cognitive functioning – exercise is good for a lot of different things.

But TOO MUCH exercise results in overuse injuries and adrenal depletion.

You only NEED 20-60 minutes a day.

That’s it. It keeps your blood and lymph flowing and circulating, and also keeps your bones and joints healthy. And it’s essential for your mental health, and so many other great things. But a daily workout is not the essential thing for weight loss.

For weight loss we have to look at food… not just WHAT you eat – by now you should know that there’s no magic superfood that’s gonna make you “shed the belly fat”

Superfoods help keep us healthy and adaptogenic herbs are REAL and can help modulate your immune system.

But not for WEIGHT loss.

For weight loss and maintenance – you must stop eating stuff all day long, and get serious about what you’re putting into your body – and eat according to YOUR dna.

Look at meal time as a sacred and holy time – no I mean it – really.

Remember when you were little and your family prayed before meals?

Food is holy.

And you know that saying, “You are what you eat?”

Well, it’s only true to a point. You are only what you can break down and assimilate.

You are what you can transform. A molecule of food can be turned into a molecule of you.

Keto, Paleo, Zone, Atkins, low carb, high carb, frozen food…

Food used to be hard to find, hard to prepare, and hard to keep. Electricity and refrigeration – I can’t imagine living without it – but 100 years ago my grandparents did. And most of my ancestors lived long healthy lives.

Now we have access to all kinds of food all year round all hours of the day.

Plus, even organic food is exposed to toxins on the way to market and those toxins are stored in your body fat.

I can help you get to a normal weight.

That’s one of the things I’ve been doing for 35 years.

Like it or not, your extra fat makes you sick. It affects your ability to think, move, and make love.

If you’re seriously ready for commitment, let’s do this together.  You can work with me privately, or you can do a group program that’s starting in August.

YOU will finally be free and your LIFE will finally become easy.

This is NOT for the woman who only wants to lose 5 lbs.

This is for the woman who is committed to being free of 25 pounds or more.

You’re amazing.

Isn’t it time the outside matched the inside?

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